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Conference Objectives

  • Experience Exchange.

  • Stimulation to undergraduate and graduate students in “e” research.

  • Collaboration between students and employers.

  • Collaboration between business, government & academia.

  • Discussion forum on integrated “e” projects and themes.

Conference Topics

Undergraduate and graduate or Ph.D. thesis focusing on the following “e” topics:

  • eBusiness

  • eCommerce

  • eGeomatics

  • eGovernment

  • eHealth

  • eLearning

  • eLogistics

  • mobile “e”

 Conference Participants                                                                              

  • Undergraduate and graduate students interested in “e”.

  • Students preparing undergraduate and master thesis or Ph.D. dissertations in “e”.

  • Professors mentoring students preparing diplomas or master thesis in “e”.

  • Representatives of organizations interested in innovative students’ achievements in “e”.

  • eTechnologies providers.                                                       

Participating in the program:

The student who completed her/his study during the period September 2006 – October 2007 is expected to submit 3-5 pages of abstract of undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D. thesis. The submission must be supported by the student’s professor/supervisor. Accepted papers will be published in the CD-ROM conference proceedings.