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“Merkur Day 2005”

7th Undergraduate and Graduate Students eConference


10th Business & Government Executive Meeting on Cross-border eRegion


Friday, November 11, 2005


Sponsored by:
Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor
Organizations in Slovenia’s eCommerce Project

Hosted by:
Merkur-trgovina in storitve, d. d. (Merkur-Trade and Services, plc)  


In cooperation with
Universities Network eBusiness ALADIN – ALpe ADria INitiative

of the Universities of
Corvinus Budapest, Hungary; Karl-Franzens Graz, Austria; Košice, Slovakia;

Maribor, Slovenia; BW München, Germany; Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro;

Prague, Czech Republic; Rijeka, Croatia; and Trieste, Italy



Last updated: 11.12.2006


Faculty of Organizational Sciences
University of Maribor
Kidriceva 55a

phone: +386 (0)4 237-4291
fax:      +386 (0)4 237-4365

Contact: Kristina Bogataj
Merkur's e-Incubator
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