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Faculty of Organizational Sciences

University of Maribor
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Contact: Kristina Bogataj



February 1, 2005

Based on gradually enlarged cooperation between the Technology Centre Kareltek Inc., Lappeenranta, Finland, and the eCommerce Center, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, Slovenia since January 2003, we are jointly announcing a Finland & Slovenia "eInvoicing LivingLab" initiative for wider cooperation in Finland and Slovenia. The LivingLab cooperation initiative is based on the eInvoicing related events and joint activities since January 2003. Business, government, and academic organizations in Finland and Slovenia, interested in cooperation, are invited to join the effort.


Participation in the “eInvoicing LivingLab” will be open to organizations in the neighboring countries creating an emerging eRegion. The universities network “eBusiness ALADIN” – ALpe ADria INitiative of the Universities of Budapest, Hungary; Graz, Austria; Kosice, Slovakia; Maribor, Slovenia; Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro; Rijeka, Croatia; and Trieste, Italy will be informed accordingly. A related research & development proposal will be submitted to the European Commission.


We are looking forward to a cooperation contributing to accelerated development of Single European eMarket. Your response is appreciated.


Jože Gričar, Professor & Director, eCenter

Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Maribor, Slovenia

Gricar@FOV.Uni-Mb.si          http://eCom.FOV.Uni-Mb.si/Gricar

Chair, Annual Bled eConference       http://www.BledConference.org


Kari Korpela, eBusiness, Project Manager

Technology Centre Kareltek Inc., Lappeenranta, Finland

Kari.Korpela@Kareltek.fi       http://www.Kareltek.fi